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ECAASU 2016 – Siqi Tian

ECAASU gives us opportunities to share ideas and make friends with other Asian American¬†students. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from the workshops I attended in 2016 ECAASU intercollegiate conference. There are over forty different workshops with interesting topics you could choose from. We talked about how to step out of the boundaries, explore … Continue reading

  • Fast 4 Families As the two Fast4Families buses continue the tour mobilizing hearts and minds across the country they will stop at the University of Richmond to talk about why they are fasting for immigration reform.
  • 10 Ways to Support Multiracial Students on College Campuses Read some quick and easy tips about supporting multiracial students at university. Is your university supporting you? Let us know how we are doing in the discussion section below.
  • Click on the following link to read an article from beinglatino.com. Tell us what you think about the article in the discussion section below. Is it Just Semantics?